Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings, homes, and neighbourhoods"

Wireworks team help customers to achieve LEED’s objectives by creating and following innovative design guidelines for energy optimizing solutions, waste optimization and pursuing the most stringent OSHA equivalent EHS guidelines well-absorbed from global customers. Wireworks employs a large pool of well-trained Safety Officers doing PEP talks and Work-method Scrutiny at project sites with total adherence to PPE compliance. Wireworks is a member of IGBC India and actively pursues the green agenda in coordination with site management agencies. Some of our key activities include:

  • Management of Environment Compliance and Site Audits
  • Usage of Recyclable /ROHS Material and Minimizing Waste
  • Preservation of Resources
  • Enhancement of Internal Awareness on Environment Objectives
  • Communicate Rewards Program for Teams on Environmental Compliances

At Wireworks compliances to EHS/OSHA is ensured by its industry certified Safety Teams and Site Managers by following:

  • Deployment of Safe Work Methods
  • Ensure PEP/Tool Box Talks Regularly
  • Maintenance of all Incident Logs
  • Health Records Maintenance
  • PPE usage monitoring with zero deviation
  • Maintaining Information Security Protocols
  • Medical Emergency Tie-ups and Fire Fighting Trainings
  • Communicating Safe Work Environmental Programs at Project Sites
  • Protecting and Securing all works

Our belief: “What Cannot Be Done Safely Must not Be Done”